Booking Our Carnival Cruise Through Orbitz

At long last, my husband and I had finally agreed to go on vacation. A real vacation…not with friends (not that we don’t love our friends) and not with family (not that we don’t love our family). We did a tremendous amount of research, contemplated our old standbys (Disney) and decided we wanted the perfect combination of relaxation, beaches and ‘interesting” things. So…a cruise seemed like the perfect option. Now a cruise to the old standards (St. Maarten, St. Thomas) was simply not going to fly, because as I said, we needed the unique balance of relaxation, beaches and “interesting” things. We finally found the perfect cruise, to the Exotic Western Caribbean which included Honduras, Belize and Cozumel…plenty of beaches and plenty of ruins (also known as “interesting” things).

We booked our cruise through Orbitz and it was a thoroughly pleasurable experience. But I should caution you, it took a fair amount of time to sort through the details, secure the deal we had seen online, and ensure that all of the requisite information was correct. The Orbitz Cruise Specialist was helpful and accommodating, contacting Carnival Cruises to secure our past passenger number (we had cruised on Carnival literally a decade before) and when he encountered a glitch in his booking process, again contacted Carnival to ensure we would receive all of the benefits that a past passenger is entitled to.

Almost instantaneously after completing the call with the Orbitz representative, I received confirmation emails that allowed me to log on to Carnival and complete all of the necessary outstanding paperwork (citizenship, etc.) which would expedite our boarding process and also establish our cruise accounts so we can begin spending money the moment we board. We were also provided with a link to check our cruise documents which would be updated to reflect any new information. I logged on again this week and was able to secure our flight information (we booked flights through the cruise line when we contacted Orbitz) and am able to schedule any of our shore destinations or special services well in advance of boarding the ship.

The whole process was as easy as pie (okay…that is not an expression that applies to me, ask my family about the apple pie I made one Thanksgiving), but it really was not complicated or difficult. I would recommend Orbitz any time and also am a big fan of the Carnival online options which I am certain will see me as a visitor a half a dozen or more times before our departure.

Visit the Orbitz Home Page for the latest deals (Just click the ‘Cruises’ tab, enter your zip code and click “Go”…that’s what we did).

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