Day 7, Day at Sea

The weather started out cloudy and overcast but before you knew it it was sunny and hot as hell! I love Caribbean weather! Jody and I sat out and suntanned in the morning and I re-read “Selling the Invisible” by Harry Beckwith over a couple of Foster’s oil cans in the afternoon in the shade at the back of the ship.

Watched an amusing ‘Hairy Chest’ contest on the Lido deck (I declined to participate though I am confident that I could have been a contender). Billy Bob from North Carolina ended up winning the contest…with 1000 Nascar fans, and 1000 drunk college kids on board, he was an obvious shoo-in.

I was feeling a little sluggish today…too many margarita shots and cheap Mexican beer with the frat boys on the catamaran from the day before, I suspect.

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