Fort Lauderdale Cruise Departure

Arriving at the departure port city the day before you actually leave for the cruise is really the way to go in our opinion. We were able to sleep in late. We had a long, leisurely breakfast. We took our time, and we relaxed! We were on-board the ship in no time at all.

So far (unlike last year’s Carnival Cruise), everything about a Royal Caribbean cruise just oozes ‘first-class’. The Royal Caribbean cruise staff (so far) are courteous and friendly, and embarking was well organized, fast, and simple. The ship, “Independence of the Seas”, is absolutely beautiful, everything looks brand new.

It is a cruising tradition of ours to saddle up to the first bar we find once we get on the ship and toast to a great cruise. We found the “Boleros Tequila Bar” as soon as we stepped on-board and we quickly made fast friends with the bartenders Kristina and Ian. They are just great people and we can already tell that this is going to be a really amazing trip.

Our Royal Caribbean Bartenders, Christina and Ian

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