Grand Cayman Excursion

We were supposed to go snorkeling and swim with stingrays today but all the stingray tours were canceled due to bad weather (it was sunny and 85 degrees…it was just god-awful terrible weather). Well, we think it was canceled because of weather, that’s what the locals told us, anyway.

The fine folks at Carnival Cruise Line never bothered to tell passengers that the excursions were canceled so hundreds of us went ashore (a 1 hour ordeal involving a ferry) expecting that everything was going to go according to plan. After we were dropped at the pier, we were all looking for the Carnival people to be holding stingray excursion signs to lead the way….but they weren’t to be found. Carnival didn’t even send an employee ashore to tell us, we were just abandoned there to fend for ourselves.

I wonder if Carnival has some arrangement with Grand Cayman where they guarantee to deliver a certain amount of tourists (in the interest of local commerce) in exchange for some sort of compensation. I also wonder if 1/2 of the tourists would have stayed on the ship had they known their excursions had been canceled. I wonder if Carnival chose profits over doing what’s right for their passengers in this case.

I cannot think of any other reason why Carnival would choose to withhold this information. I inquired at the info desk regarding this. She told me Carnival had no way of knowing the excursions were canceled beforehand. They knew enough to not send an employee to guide us to our destination. What crap.

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