It’s Not a Carnival. It’s a Zoo!

This boat is packed wall-to-wall with people. It’s a holy roman bacchanal orgy. To give you an idea…the cruise director, Kris, made several announcements bragging that there were 3364 passengers aboard the cruise ship Valor for this trip. Yet Carnival’s own web site states that the ship’s capacity is only 2,974 people. Sound like a recipe for disaster (of Titanic proportions) if you ask me. I’m not complaining…drunk college kids are a lot of fun (but I’ll kick their asses if the ship goes down and they get in my way).

bacchanal orgy


  1. Scott
    Nov 2, 2008

    I think that you are most likely mistaken. They would be breaking Maritime law if they sold beds that didnt exist, or if they sold beds above their advertised limits. They would be risking the chance of fines and shut downs. Carnival isn’t willing to risk that, I am sure. Maybe “Kris” was regarding the crew as well as the passengers.

  2. Michael
    Nov 2, 2008

    I am sure that you are right. I thought people who worked on the ship were also considered passengers of that ship. Considering that there were a ton of small children on board, the math still does makes sense, though, in my opinion.

    Valor has 1,487 total staterooms. At double occupancy (most common), that adds up to their stated passenger capacity of 2,974. So how does one account for all of the children on board? Obviously children ages 4-10 don’t sleep alone in their own stateroom, which means that the 3364 number could, in fact, be accurate for non-crew passengers. Some cabins can sleep four or five guests in one room.

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