Orbitz Email: “Have a Remarkable Vacation”

We received a follow-up email from Orbitz’ customer service regarding our upcoming trip (which is still more than a month away, BTW).

They wanted to, “ensure that you have a remarkable vacation” and provided us with additional information about online registration, online access to our travel documents, Funpass details and other useful stuff about our itinerary.

I appreciate this attention to detail. This cruise was a reasonably large investment and I do appreciate that they are keeping in touch and reminding us that they have all of the details covered (so we don’t have to worry about it). I only mention this at all because I generally don’t have a whole lot of faith in big corporations “getting” how important the customer experience is. I think Orbits gets it…or at least their Marketing Department gets it. Either way, I don’t care…. I’m feeling pretty good about the trip, and that’s all that matters.

At the conclusion of the email they say, “We hope you enjoy your cruise vacation!”

Ha! I think they might really mean it!

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  1. Weezer
    Mar 14, 2008

    Enjoy your trip!!!

    (While we freeze our a$$e$ off at home)

    Looking forward to seeing some great pics – At least the ones suitable for public display.

    Cheers – Weezer

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