Princess Cruise Day One: Welcome Aboard!

Well, we’ve already used “smooth sailing” so i guess we can’t use that again. If we could we would. Getting from hotel to pier to boat was a total piece of cake. We left our hotel at noon and were sipping our first on board cocktail by 12:30. Seriously, 30 minutes after we left the hotel we had made the bus trip, gone through security, checked in and secured our cruise cards. Welcome aboard! Following our annual tradition we headed right to the first bar we saw, “The International Cafe” for the cruise kickoff cocktail. Delish!

It’s a nice and sunny 75° day in Ft. Lauderdale today, way better than the sub-zero temperatures at home!

We then mozied to the cabin which although small is exceptionally well designed. Plenty of room for us and our stuff. The closet is a real step-up from Royal Caribbean boasting a nearly as wide as our room hanging area and set of floor to ceiling shelves deep enough for folded clothing, Our state room steward, Chet, greeted us promptly and assured us that all of our requests would be honored. Chet is energetic and nice, he’ll be certain to ensure we have everything that we need. At that point two of our three bags had arrived.

Unfortunately we ended up missing dinner and the show because the luggage tag came off one of our bags and wasn’t delivered. It’s hard to dress “smart casual” when your garment bag is missing. We inquired at 6pm about the bag and were told they were still delivering. We went back down at 8pm and retrieved it from the desk…actually Mike did that while Jody took her 2nd nap of the day-can you say ‘wind-down? Or maybe it’s a function of the Transderm Scop Jody uses to combat motion sickness. Although never motion sick before, cruising kicks her ass, but this little miracle patch stuck behind her ear every 3 days cures her of any symptoms. While the fatigue is a common side effect, after a day it diminishes for her (maybe because we sleep like 10 hours a night).

Back to the luggage story…kind of annoying that they didn’t look at the name on the I.D. Tag and just deliver it to our damn room. I’m pretty sure that I’m the only Michael Johnson who lives in Rochester, NY on the boat with that particular street address.

We departed around 5:30pm from Port Everglades, Ft. Lauderdale and the ship took an easterly course for the Caribbean.

We enjoyed a nice buffet. Lots of great tasting seafood. Jody woke long enough to eat and unpack…then we called it a night.

Cruise Tip: When packing for a cruise, don’t pack “his and her” suitcases, combine all of your stuff. And don’t pack all of your dress clothes and shoes in a garment bag. That way, if a piece of luggage goes missing, you still have something reasonably nice to wear to dinner and to the show that night.

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