Roatan, Honduras

We ended up walking around Roatan after our snorkeling excursion was canceled. Roatan is a very poor island but you can tell that they are trying very hard to make it a tourist destination. I was affected by the poverty and the beauty both at the same time…it was bitter-sweet and is hard to describe.

As soon as we hit the pier, a young boy, maybe 12 or 13 years old attached himself to us and escorted us throughout our entire walk, following us into stores, pointing out coconut trees and native birds, and making sure we didn’t trip on obstacles in the road and sidewalks, or go places that we maybe shouldn’t go. He was very polite, courteous and respectful and he kept a lot of the other locals from harassing us as we walked (It was obviously unspoken that “we” were “his”). It turns out that’s how the boy makes his money…he gets paid a small tip from the local merchants every time we buy something at their shops (and a tip at the end for ‘escorting’ services before we re-board the ship).

We ended up at a little ramshackle hut on the water and I had two of the coldest Coronna’s that I’ve ever had with some friendly locals. They even had faster Internet access than on the ship (see below)!

I could tell that the boy with the monkey was annoyed that I didn’t give him a dollar for taking a picture of him (yeah, I should have).

Internet Access in Roatan

Roatan House


roatan shacks

roatan shore

monkey boy

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