Thank God for Jimmy Buffett

I don’t usually go for cheesy tourist traps, but I have to say…hanging out at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville in Grand Cayman made us TOTALLY forget about our canceled snorkeling and stingray excursion. Here’s the thing about Margaritaville…its authentic and its fun (and its not a cheesy tourist trap). The food was great, the bartenders were super friendly, the drinks were cold and everyone in that joint was an old friend that day. Jimmy’s got a beer called Land Shark Lager that’s crisp and icy and he had a dozen of them behind the bar with my name on them. I need a parrot hat.


Update: Jody wanted me to mention the kick-ass Margaritas…she was hammed. And the Land Shark lager was delicious enough that I picked some up at our local grocery a couple of days ago.

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