Wondering How I Am Going To Get Home

Carnival printed out our boarding passes for our flight home tomorrow and dropped them off in our cabin. Only one problem, though…my boarding passes weren’t there (but my wife’s were). Apparently Carnival didn’t think it was out of the ordinary that my wife would be traveling back home to Rochester without her husband. Or more likely, they didn’t bother to even look at the documents. I’m glad that we looked at them ahead of time.

So…several trips down to the purser’s desk to get this straightened out but no one can help us. “There’s nothing we can do.”, she repeats over and over. “It’s a problem with our agent” (who remained nameless), she says, and “Maybe it’s a security issue with your husband, they don’t do this for no reason.” We ask if she can call Delta to figure out what’s going on. “No” she says. We ask if she has a terminal to check our confirmation number on Delta’s Web site. “No” she says, “There is nothing we can do”.

The reason I bought a Carnival Cruise ‘Package’ was so that they would take care of these little details…like getting me back home!

I tried to log on to delta.com myself to check the status and get more information, but the WiFi connection on the ship is so bad it won’t even load the site.

Cruise Tip: When booking a cruise, there is a very real possibility that you, or one of your loved ones, will get stranded in an unfamiliar city if the booking was mishandled. Luckily for us, we packed a small overnight bag that I can use for whatever city I may be spending the night in tonight. Also, when considering your vacation budget, tack on a few hundred bucks for a hotel, cabs, tips, and meals in case something goes wrong.

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  1. Weezer
    Mar 24, 2008

    Sounds like your trip was “no carnival”. Thank the Mayan Gods for Margarita’s & Corona’s.

    Hope you make it back to the States some day. We’ll have a cold one waiting for you.

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